• Electric Vehicle in the Bike Lane

    One of the ruffs

    from the dog downstairs

    caught my amusement

    by the Horatio

    and wouldn’t let go

    until I was basement

    away from Hamlet airs

    and weary of saturnine toughs.

  • A Veil

    A veil of pterodactyls

    was covering the sky’s face.

    Without seeing her beauty

    I vowed anyway.

  • My Cat

    My cat wants everything now,

    and then she is satisfied

    with hours of almost nothing;

    a regal rhythm.

  • Than Beauty

    The tallest building

    is rarely the prettiest.

    The city

    seems to be saying,

    there are more important things.

    Than beauty, I should probably agree.

  • Big, Scary Children

    All the crazy people

    at the Plaza bus station

    are like big, scary children.

  • Rumor

    Rumor has it, but I don’t,

    and I don’t ever want it.

  • We Watched

    We watched the bird sing.

    It was perched high in the tree.

    We stood still

    like we were in church,

    and not wandering for coffee,

    on a warm, April, Sunday morning.

  • The Cherry Blossoms

    The cherry blossoms are gone

    after just a little while.

    I saw them with all my heart

    in the good city.

  • Monday

    Monday with a chance

    of good memories forming

    by accident,

    and I am alone

    on the precarious ridge

    between everything and nothing.

  • My Tea

    My tea is getting stronger

    as it steeps with me in time,

    as we all steep together

    strengthening the brew.