• Turning the Key

    Turning the key

    in the old lock,

    you never know;

    silent cellblock

    waiting to see.

  • A Dog Sniffs

    A dog sniffs a tuft of grass

    because it is curious

    to know what has been there, and

    what remains.

  • Marble Eyes

    Marble eyes and

    a song

    of a body,

    she wields her dance

    toward winter.

  • I Grow My Own

    I grow my own

    out of the way

    in low places.

    I keep it gray

    and stay unknown.

  • The Beer

    The beer is crisp;

    so is the sun

    (my good brother).

    What isn’t here

    doesn’t matter.

  • Gender Perfect

    Gender perfect

    with a pencil

    and no body,

    all my senses

    clearly blurring.

  • Fortification

    Fortification of woe

    by the river unchanging,

    dilapidated and stern,

    comfortable inside.

  • Magical Seal

    Magical seal

    suddenly there,

    head on the blue,

    grazing the air,

    like something real.

  • Toward the Center

    Bluer than why

    and redder than

    when, this yen for

    sentience curling

    toward the center.

  • No Mystery

    That I am older

    now than I have ever been,

    and younger

    now than I ever

    will be, is no mystery.